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Từ điển Hàn Anh (Korean English Dictionary)

인연 [因緣]1 [연분] connection; relation; affinity.ㆍ 부부의 ∼ the conjugal[nuptial / marriage] ties[knot].ㆍ 부모 자식간의 ∼ the ties that bind parent and child together.ㆍ 그 도시는 이 시(詩)와 깊은 ∼이 있다 The town is closely connected with this poem. / The town has a close connection with this poem.ㆍ 그와 나는 ∼이 깊다 He and I are closely bound up together.ㆍ 이 회사와 이 지역간에는 깊은 ∼이 있다 There are close ties[There is a close connection] between this company and the local community.ㆍ 남녀를 부부로 맺는 ∼이란 기이하고도 놀라운 일이다 Strange and wonderful are the ties that bind two people together (in marriage).ㆍ 그는 우리와는 전혀 ∼이 없는 사람이다 He is a perfect stranger to us.ㆍ 그는 돈과 ∼이 없는 사람이다 [인연이 멀다] He has never had much money. / He is unlucky in moneymaking. / Money and he are strangers.2 [인과] cause and occasion; 『불교』 karma; [운명] fatality; fate; destiny.ㆍ ∼이 있으면 if fate so ordains.ㆍ 우리가 서로 알게 된 것도 무슨 ∼이었을 것이다 We were no doubt predestined to become acquainted with each other.ㆍ ∼이라 생각하고 체념해야지 (I guess) I'll just have to accept it as fate.ㆍ 이것도 전생의 ∼이다 This is our destiny. / This was predestined. / There is an act of providence in it.ㆍ 그들은 테니스가 ∼이 되어 친해졌다 Playing tennis brought them together.♣ 인연을 끊다 break (off) with ‥; cut[sever] one's connections < with >.ㆍ 부부의 ∼을 끊다 divorce one's husband[wife] / get a divorce.ㆍ 부모 자식[형제]의 ∼을 끊다 disown one's child[brother].ㆍ 주종의 ∼을 끊다 break the ties between master and servant.♣ 인연을 맺다 form a connection < with >; form ties < with >.ㆍ 부부의 ∼을 맺다 tie the nuptial[marriage] knot / get married.ㆍ 의형제의 ∼을 맺다 become sworn brothers.ㆍ 그는 내 누이동생과 부부의 ∼을 맺었다 He married my sister.♣ 인연이 멀다 bear little relation < with >; not closely related.ㆍ 화학과는 ∼이 먼 과학 sciences unrelated to chemistry.ㆍ 나는 철학하고는 ∼이 멀다 I don't know much about philosophy. / I've never read much philosophy.

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