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1. a work produced by hand labor
handcraft, handiwork, handwork
Derivationally related forms:
handcraft (for: handcraft)
work, piece of work
2. a craft that requires skillful hands
Members of this Topic:
knit, purl, cast on, cast off, rib,
purl stitch, crochet, hook, shell stitch, double crochet, double stitch,
single crochet, single stitch, weave, tissue, brocade, lace,
tat, intertwine, braid, plait, marble, enamel,
enamel, hatch, damascene, lacquer, japan,
fringe, fret
trade, craft, arts and crafts
bookbinding, sewing, stitching, spinning, weaving,
knitting, crocheting, lace making, tatting, needlework, needlecraft

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