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in·crease [increase increases increased increasing] verb, noun
verb BrE [ɪnˈkriːs] ; NAmE [ɪnˈkriːs] intransitive, transitive
to become or to make sth greater in amount, number, value, etc
~ (from A) (to B) The population has increased from 1.2 million to 1.8 million.
increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere
Increasing numbers of people are using hand-held devices to access the Internet.
The price of oil increased.
~ in sth Oil increased in price.
~ by sth The rate of inflation increased by 2%.
~ with sth Disability increases with age (= the older sb is, the more likely they are to be disabled).
~ sth (from A) (to B) We need to increase productivity.
~ sth (by sth) They've increased the price by 50%.
Opp: decrease
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
Middle English (formerly also as encrease): from Old French encreistre, from Latin increscere, from in- ‘into’ + crescere ‘grow’.

increase verb
1. T
They have increased the price by 50%.
raise • • heighten • • intensify • • step sth up • • turn sth up • |often approving, especially journalism boost • |often disapproving, especially journalism inflate • |especially business maximize
Opp: cut, Opp: reduce, (formal)Opp: decrease
increase/raise/step up/boost/inflate sth by 15%, 250, £100, a third, etc.
increase/raise/step up/boost/inflate sth from 2% to 5%
increase/raise/boost/inflate/maximise prices
increase/raise/heighten/boost awareness/interest
increase/raise/intensify/step up the pressure
Increase or raise? Increase is used slightly more often about numbers, prices and figures; raise is often used about feelings and qualities.
2. I
The population increased from 1.2 million to 1.5 million.
rise • • grow • • climb • • escalate • • jump • • rocket • |especially spoken go up • |written soar • |disapproving spiral • • shoot up
Opp: decline, (formal)Opp: decrease
increase/rise/grow/jump/go up/soar/shoot up in price, number, etc.
increase/rise/grow/climb/jump/rocket/go up/soar/shoot up (by) 10%, 200, etc.
increase/rise/grow/climb/escalate/jump/rocket/go up/soar/shoot up from 2% to 5%
the price increases/rises/climbs/escalates/jumps/rockets/goes up/soars/spirals/shoots up
the level increases/rises/escalates/jumps/goes up/soars/shoots up
Increase, rise or grow? Increase is slightly more formal. Rise is the most common and is used more often about the number or level of sth; grow and increase can also be used about size and strength:
•Profits/Numbers have risen/grown/increased.
• Her confidence grew/increased.
 ✗ Her confidence rose.

Language Bank:
Describing an increase
Student numbers in English language schools in this country increased from 66 000 in 2008 to just over 84 000 in 2009.
The number of students increased by almost 30% compared with the previous year.
Student numbers shot up / increased dramatically in 2009.
The proportion of Spanish students rose sharply from 5% in 2008 to 14% in 2009.
There was a significant rise in student numbers in 2009.
The 2009 figure was 84 000, an increase of 28% on the previous year.
The 2009 figure was 84 000, 28 per cent up on the previous year.
As the chart shows, this can partly be explained by a dramatic increase in students from Spain.
Language Banks at ↑expect, ↑fall, ↑illustrate, ↑proportion

Example Bank:
Demand is expected to increase over the next decade.
Disability increases with age.
Last month the reward was increased from $20 000 to $40 000.
Progressively increase the intensity of the exercise over three weeks.
Sales increased almost fourfold in this period.
The budget has increased by more than a third in the last year.
to increase in amount/number/price/size
Her confidence/fear/grew/increased.
Profits/Numbers have risen/grown/increased.
They've increased the price by 50%.

Example Bank:
increased demand/pressure/spending
Derived Word:increased
noun BrE [ˈɪŋkriːs] ; NAmE [ˈɪŋkriːs] countable, uncountable ~ (in sth)
a rise in the amount, number or value of sth
an increase in spending
an increase of 2p in the pound on income tax
an increase of nearly 20%
a significant/substantial increase in sales
price/tax/wage increases
Homelessness is on the increase (= increasing).
Opp: decrease

Word Origin:
Middle English (formerly also as encrease): from Old French encreistre, from Latin increscere, from in- ‘into’ + crescere ‘grow’.

increase noun C, U
This year saw an increase of nearly 50% in the number of visitors.
rise • • growth • • gain • • surge • • upturn • • spiral • • inflation • |AmE raise • |informal, especially journalism hike
Opp: cut, Opp: reduction, Opp: decrease
(a/an) increase/rise/growth/gain/surge/upturn/spiral/inflation/hike in sth
(a/an) increase/rise/growth/gain/surge/inflation/hike of 20%
see (a/an) increase/rise/growth/gain/surge/upturn/inflation/hike
Increase, rise or growth? Growth is used more often about sth positive; increase and rise are used more often about sth negative
•the growth in earnings/employment
• an alarming increase/rise in violent crime
Rise is used more for sth that happens to rise, rather than deliberate increases; increase is used in both these ways.

Example Bank:
He proposed a large tax increase.
Improved profitability may indicate an increase in competitiveness.
Intensive farming has brought about an increase in outbreaks of food poisoning.
Many parts of the country have experienced an increase in unemployment.
Profits show a steady increase.
Retirement planning often starts with projected cost-of-living increases.
Sales of beef have experienced double-digit increases.
Some companies are predicting price increases of 30% or more.
The average increase in value last year was 4.3%.
The company reported a 9.5% increase in third quarter losses.
The country is enjoying the biggest increase in business confidence for years.
The figures show a sharp increase on last year's turnover.
The measures to improve the health service will involve an increase in government spending.
The pay rise represented an across-the-board increase of between 9% for the highest paid and 32% for the lowest paid worker.
The war resulted in a massive increase in government spending.
Their reputation has improved, bringing a corresponding increase in revenues.
There has been an increase in demand for two-bedroom flats.
This year saw an increase in the number of job applicants.
We achieved a small increase in profits of £3 257.
You would expect to observe an increase in births during peacetime.
a dividend increase to 11.4 pence
Homelessness is on the increase.
The government has announced a modest increase in welfare benefits.
There has been a steady increase in demand for the service.


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