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1 different kinds of words
2 sounds and letters
3 information about words
words that belong to particular varieties of language
the meaning of words MEANING

1 different kinds of word
- a sound or letter, or a group of sounds or letters, with a particular meaning: word
What's the Spanish word for table? I don't know what this word means. That word is not spelt correctly.
- relating to words, especially spoken words: verbal
verbal skills
- all the words in a language, or the number of words that a person knows: vocabulary
By the end of this course, you should have a vocabulary of 2 000 words.
- a word or group of words that relates to a particular subject: term
'What's the term for someone who collects stamps?' 'A philatelist.'
- the special words and expressions which are used by people who know a lot about a particular subject: terminology (noun U), jargon (noun U)
scientific terminology legal/computer jargon
- the short form of a word: abbreviation; we say that an abbreviation is short for the complete form of the word
The abbreviation for 'Monday' is 'Mon'. 'Dr' is short for 'Doctor'.
- to use a short form of a word: abbreviate sth
'Telephone' is usually abbreviated to 'phone' in the spoken language.
- a word which consists of two words put together in order to make them easier to pronounce: contraction
There are two possible contractions of the phrase 'it is not': 'it's not' and 'it isn't'.
- a word or group of letters that you add on to the beginning/end of a word to change its meaning: prefix/suffix
'Pre-' is a prefix which means 'before'. '-ly' is a suffix used to make an adjective into an adverb.
※—† groups of words
- a number of words that go together to express a particular meaning: expression
a slang expression Try to think of a more informal expression.
- an expression with a meaning that you cannot guess from the meanings of the individual words: idiom
'To fall out with' in 'He's fallen out with his girlfriend' is an idiom.

2 sounds and letters
- to say a word, paying attention to the way the sounds are made: pronounce sth
I never know how to pronounce the word 'data'.
- the way in which a word is pronounced: pronunciation (noun C/U)
I need to practise my pronunciation. There are several possible pronunciations of the word 'garage'.
- one of the sounds that you make with your lips and teeth open; one of the sounds represented in English by the letters 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o' and 'u': vowel
a difficult vowel sound
- one of the other sounds in a language: consonant
The sounds represented by the letters 'b', 'c', 'd', 'f', etc are consonants.
- a word or part of a word which contains one vowel sound: syllable
There are three syllables in the word 'computer'.
- the force that you put on part of a word when you say it: stress; verb: stress sth
In the word 'consultant', the stress is/falls on the second syllable. You stress the first syllable in the word 'Italy'.
- the parts of a word that you say with more force than the other parts are stressed; opposite: unstressed
In 'teacher', the second syllable is unstressed.
- the technique of using words which have the same sound as each other, especially at the ends of lines: rhyme (noun U); a word that has the same sound as another word: rhyme; if words have the same sound, they rhyme
Does 'poor' rhyme with 'law'?
- one of the symbols representing a sound, that forms part of a written word: letter
'A' is the first letter of the alphabet.
- to write or say the letters of a word in the correct way: spell (sth); noun (U): spelling
Many English words are difficult to spell because there are a lot of silent letters. I'm not very good at spelling.
- the way a word is spelt: spelling (noun C/U)
Remember to check your spellings. the difficulties of English spelling
- to spell a word wrongly: misspell sth
You've misspelt my name!
※ more on letters LETTER

3 information about words
- to give an exact explanation of the meaning of a word: define sth
'Can you define 'slim'?' 'Yes, it means "thin in an attractive way".'
- a book that contains lists of words and their meanings or words with the same or similar meaning in another language: dictionary
a Spanish-English dictionary
- to look for a word in a dictionary: look sth up (in sth)
'What does this word mean?' 'I don't know - look it up in the dictionary.'
- a list of words, often at the end of a book, that gives the meanings of some of the more difficult words in the text: glossary
※—† MORE ...
- if you do not think that a particular word should be used to speak about sb/sth, you can use the expression so-called before you say the word
This so-called Socialist Party wants to privatize public services!
- the historical origin of a word: derivation (noun C/U)
English has many words of Latin derivation.
- a word from which you can make another word by changing the position of the letters in it: anagram
'Meat' is an anagram of 'team'.
- a joke that is made using a word with two meanings or different words that sound the same: pun
to make a pun
- a word that is made from the first letters of a group of words: acronym
'Ecu' is an acronym for 'European Currency Unit'.

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