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1 changing, or causing sth to change
2 having, using or doing sth different
3 able, likely or willing to change
changing in size
changing in quantity or amount INCREASE/DECREASE
changing position MOVE
the growth of people, plants, etc GROW
political change POLITICS

1 changing, or causing sth to change
- to become different: change (from ※€¦) (into ※€¦), alter
Everything's changed since you've been away. Since I was last there, it's changed from a sleepy village into a noisy town. The world has altered a lot since 1945.
- to make sb/sth different: change sb/sth (from ※€¦) (into ※€¦), make* sb/sth into ※€¦, turn sb/sth into ※€¦
The operation has changed his life. They've made/turned that old shop into a restaurant.
- not having changed: unchanged
The situation is still unchanged - there's no new information.
- to change sth, often in order to make it better: reform sth; noun (C/U): reform; a person who tries to change society and make it better: reformer
another attempt to reform the social security system to introduce reforms
- to change sb/sth completely: transform sb/sth; noun (C/U): transformation
- the process of becoming different or making sth different: change (noun C/U)
a slight change in temperature I've made a few changes to my report. You have to adapt to change.
- a change from one state or form to another: transition; adjective: transitional
the transition from a socialist to a capitalist economy a transitional period
- a big change can be called major, significant, fundamental; a small change can be called minor, slight
some major changes to the Health Service
- a change which takes place slowly is gradual (adverb gradually); a change which takes place quickly is sudden (adverb suddenly)
Her work is gradually improving. a sudden change in the weather
- to begin to be sth: become*/get*/go*/turn + adjective
It was becoming difficult to breathe. I soon got quite tired. She suddenly went pale and fell to the ground. Hasn't it turned cold in the last few days?
- to become sth different: turn into sth
Some of the tadpoles have already turned into frogs.
- to become sth gradually: grow* + adjective, grow* into ※€¦
Soon it began to grow dark. He's growing into a bad-tempered old man.
- to grow slowly or change into sth else: develop (into ※€¦); noun (U): development
Over the years, our friendship has slowly developed into love. the rapid development of this city
※ more on development DEVELOP
※—† changing back
- to become the same as before: change back (into/to ※€¦), revert to ※€¦
He's changed back into the happy kind person we all knew before. The garden reverted to its natural state when the owners left.
- to change sb/sth into what they were before: change sb/sth back into ※€¦, restore sb/sth (to ※€¦)
We changed our library back into a classroom. to restore a building to its former condition
- to change sth so that it is the opposite of what it was: reverse sth; noun: reversal
They've reversed their decision to increase taxes. a major reversal in policy
※—† changing the form or use of sth
- to change from one form, system or use to another: convert (from ※€¦) (into/to ※€¦); to cause this to happen: convert sth (from ※€¦) (into/to ※€¦); noun (C/U): conversion
a sofa that converts into a double bed They're converting the house into four flats.
- to make sth different in some way, but without changing it completely: alter sth; noun (C/U): alteration
The dress suits you, but I think you might need to alter the length. I've got to make some alterations to my essay.
- to change sth slightly (especially a part of a machine): adjust sth; noun (C/U): adjustment; able to be adjusted: adjustable
He adjusted something in the engine and the car started first time. to make a few adjustments an adjustable chair
- to change sth, so that you can use it in a different situation: adapt sth, modify sth; nouns (C/U): adaptation, modification
a specially adapted car for disabled drivers No further modifications to the system are being planned.
- to organize sth in a new way so that it works better: reorganize sth; noun (C/U): reorganization
We're reorganizing the library to make it more useful to our students.
※ organizing things ORGANIZE
※—† changing what is written, planned, etc
- to make changes to sth in order to correct or improve it: revise sth; noun (C/U): revision
We're revising our plans. the revised edition of the Oxford English Dictionary
- to change the words of sth: rewrite* sth
I've been told to rewrite my essay.
- to change sth in order to make it easier to do or understand: simplify sth; noun (U/C): simplification
a simplified version of the Bible for children

2 having, using or doing sth different
- to have or use sth instead of sth else: change sth, (informal) switch sth
I've decided to change my car for a new model. to change a light bulb I switched jobs last year.
- to get off one train, bus, etc and onto another: change (sth)
You have to change (trains) at Gloucester.
- to take off your clothes and put on different ones: change (out of ※€¦) (into ※€¦), change sth
I'm just going upstairs to change into something more comfortable. If your feet are hurting, why don't you change your shoes?
- to change from being, working, etc in a particular place to being, working, etc in another place: transfer; to cause sb to do this: transfer sb; noun (C/U): transfer
I want to transfer to London so I can be nearer my family. to ask for a transfer to another department
- to stop doing one thing and start doing sth else: change over (from ※€¦) (to ※€¦); noun: changeover
In Britain we're still changing over from feet and inches to metres and centimetres. The changeover has gone very smoothly.
- if two things or events follow each other, regularly changing one after the other, they alternate
periods of exercise alternating with relaxation
※—† changing your religion
- to change to a new religion: convert (from ※€¦) (to ※€¦); to persuade sb to change to a new religion: convert sb (from ※€¦) (to ※€¦); noun (U/C): conversion (to ※€¦)
to convert to Catholicism Her friends were surprised by her conversion to Islam.
※—† exchanging one thing for another
- to give sth in return for sth else: change sth (for ※€¦), exchange sth (for ※€¦), (informal) swap sth for ※€¦; nouns: exchange, (informal) swap
Can I change this size 10 dress for a size 12 please? We exchanged addresses. We did a flat exchange - they came to live in our flat, and we went to live in their flat in New York.
- to exchange sb/sth for sb/sth that is better or newer: replace sb/sth (with ※€¦); noun: replacement
We're going to replace our old car with a beautiful new one.
- to take the place or function of sb: take* sb's place, replace sb
I'm looking for somebody to take my place in this flat. Who will replace Stuart when he leaves?
- to move into sb's place and to let them take your place: change/swap places (with sb)
Let's change places so you can see out of the window for a while.
- able to be used in place of each other without making a difference: interchangeable
The words 'maybe' and 'perhaps' are often interchangeable.

3 able, likely or willing to change
- changing often; showing a lot of difference: variable; noun (U): variability (in/of ※€¦); verb: vary
'What's her work like?' 'Very variable - sometimes excellent, sometimes quite poor.' The prices vary according to size.
- not changing: invariable
- likely to change, not reliable: changeable
changeable weather
※ differences between things DIFFERENT
- a person or thing that can easily change or be changed to suit different conditions is flexible, adaptable; nouns (U): flexibility, adaptability
It's okay if we decide to stay a bit longer - they're very flexible here. Adaptability is essential to our survival.
- a person or thing that cannot change, or cannot easily be changed to suit conditions, is inflexible; noun (U): inflexibility
- not to change your plan or opinion: stick* to sth
Decide what you want to do, and then stick to it - that's the best way to get what you want.
- lasting for a long time; not likely to be changed: permanent; noun (U): permanence
I've had enough of travelling round - I'm looking for something more permanent now.
- not permanent: temporary (adverb temporarily)
- not likely to change, move or end: stable; opposite: unstable
a stable relationship
- the condition of being stable: stability (noun U); opposite: instability (noun U)
- arranged for the present time, but likely to be changed in the future: provisional (adverb provisionally)
We made a provisional arrangement to meet the following Wednesday. The meeting room is provisionally booked for the 21st.
- a decision that can be changed is reversible; opposite: irreversible
I'm afraid the decision is irreversible.
※—† not wanting change
- not liking change: conservative; a person who does not like change: conservative
She's got quite conservative tastes - a dark colour would probably be best.
- to try to stop change from taking place: resist sth; adjective: resistant (to sth); noun (U): resistance
The new teaching method met with a lot of resistance from the more conservative parents.
※—† MORE ...
- if you decide to do sth differently, just because you would like to change your routine, you can say that you are doing it for a change
Let's take a different route for a change.
- if sth is more pleasant and enjoyable than the thing that usually happens, you can say that it makes* a change
We eat in the garden in fine weather - it makes a change.
- a point in time when a big change happens: turning point
I think that my appearance on television was the turning point in my career.

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