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1. the scientific study of language (Freq. 2)
Derivationally related forms:
linguistic, linguist
Members of this Topic:
analytic, uninflected, synthetic, animate, inanimate,
cacuminal, retroflex, inflected, early, Old, middle,
late, Modern, New, cognate, standard, received,
acceptable, nonstandard, bad, unacceptable, unaccepted, suprasegmental,
segmental, autosemantic, synsemantic, radical, polyphonic, homophonous,
ablative, aspectual, prepositional, vocative, linguistic performance, tone,
complementary distribution, complementation, linguistic competence, feature of speech, feature, grammar,
descriptive grammar, prescriptive grammar, syntax, sentence structure, phrase structure, generative grammar,
phonology, phonemics, descriptivism, prescriptivism, derivative, form,
word form, signifier, descriptor, root, root word, base,
stem, theme, semantic role, participant role, postposition, preposition,
topicalization, morphophoneme, phoneme, allophone, rule, linguistic rule,
universal, linguistic universal, sign, phylum, aphaeresis, apheresis,
linguistic process, voice, obscure, reduce, etymologize, etymologise,
topicalize, reduplicate, geminate
science, scientific discipline
computational linguistics, dialect geography, linguistic geography, etymology, historical linguistics,
diachronic linguistics, diachrony, neurolinguistics, pragmatics, semantics, sociolinguistics,
structuralism, structural linguistics, synchronic linguistics, descriptive linguistics, prescriptive linguistics
Part Holonyms:
cognitive science
2. the humanistic study of language and literature
Derivationally related forms:
philological (for: philology), philologist (for: philology), linguistic, linguist
humanistic discipline, humanities, liberal arts, arts
dialectology, lexicology

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