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I - noun
the number designating place in an ordered sequence
ordinal number, no.
first, number one, number 1

II - adjective
1. of or relating to a taxonomic order
- family and ordinal names of animals and plants
Pertains to noun:
2. being or denoting a numerical order in a series
- ordinal numbers
- held an ordinal rank of seventh
Similar to:
zero, zeroth, first, 1st, second,
2nd, 2d, third, 3rd, tertiary, fourth,
4th, quaternary, fifth, 5th, sixth, 6th,
seventh, 7th, eighth, 8th, ninth, 9th,
tenth, 10th, eleventh, 11th, twelfth, 12th,
thirteenth, 13th, fourteenth, 14th, fifteenth, 15th,
sixteenth, 16th, seventeenth, 17th, eighteenth, 18th,
nineteenth, 19th, umpteenth, umteenth, umptieth, twentieth,
20th, twenty-first, 21st, twenty-second, 22nd, twenty-third,
23rd, twenty-fourth, 24th, twenty-fifth, 25th, twenty-sixth,
26th, twenty-seventh, 27th, twenty-eighth, 28th, twenty-ninth,
29th, thirtieth, 30th, thirty-first, 31st, thirty-second,
32nd, thirty-third, 33rd, thirty-fourth, 34th, thirty-fifth,
35th, thirty-sixth, 36th, thirty-seventh, 37th, thirty-eighth,
38th, thirty-ninth, 39th, fortieth, 40th, forty-first,
41st, forty-second, 42nd, forty-third, 43rd, forty-fourth,
44th, forty-fifth, 45th, forty-sixth, 46th, forty-seventh,
47th, forty-eighth, 48th, forty-ninth, 49th, fiftieth,
50th, fifty-fifth, 55th, sixtieth, 60th, sixty-fourth,
64th, sixty-fifth, 65th, seventieth, 70th, seventy-fifth,
75th, eightieth, 80th, eighty-fifth, 85th, ninetieth,
90th, ninety-fifth, 95th, hundredth, centesimal, 100th,
hundred-and-first, 101st, hundred-and-fifth, 105th, hundred-and-tenth, 110th,
hundred-and-fifteenth, 115th, hundred-and-twentieth, 120th, hundred-and-twenty-fifth, 125th,
hundred-and-thirtieth, 130th, hundred-and-thirty-fifth, 135th, hundred-and-fortieth, 140th,
hundred-and-forty-fifth, 145th, hundred-and-fiftieth, 150th, hundred-and-fifty-fifth, 155th,
hundred-and-sixtieth, 160th, hundred-and-sixty-fifth, 165th, hundred-and-seventieth, 170th,
hundred-and-seventy-fifth, 175th, hundred-and-eightieth, 180th, hundred-and-ninetieth, 190th,
two-hundredth, 200th, three-hundredth, 300th, four-hundredth, 400th,
five-hundredth, 500th, thousandth, 1000th, millionth, billionth,
trillionth, quadrillionth, quintillionth, nth, n-th

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