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1. the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees (Freq. 14)
Derivationally related forms:
plant material, plant substance
bentwood, pine, larch, fir, cedar,
cedarwood, spruce, hemlock, cypress, redwood, sandarac,
citronwood, kauri, yellowwood, yew, lancewood, tulipwood,
true tulipwood, whitewood, white poplar, yellow poplar, zebrawood, cocuswood,
cocoswood, granadilla wood, shittimwood, sabicu, sabicu wood, bamboo,
balsa, balsa wood, silver quandong, obeche, basswood, linden,
beefwood, briarwood, brierwood, brier-wood, beech, beechwood,
chestnut, oak, birch, alder, hazel, olive,
ash, ironwood, walnut, hickory, pecan, pyinma,
gumwood, gum, eucalyptus, tupelo, poon, red lauan,
elm, elmwood, brazilwood, locust, logwood, rosewood,
kingwood, blackwood, Panama redwood, quira, ruby wood, red sandalwood,
black locust, cherry, fruitwood, lemonwood, incense wood, mahogany,
satinwood, orangewood, guaiac wood, guaiacum wood, lignum vitae, guaiac,
guaiacum, poplar, sandalwood, boxwood, Turkish boxwood, maple,
sumac, ebony, sycamore, lacewood, teak, teakwood,
dogwood, sapwood, heartwood, duramen, burl, brushwood,
cabinet wood, driftwood, log, matchwood, splinters, sawdust,
sawdust, dyewood, hardwood, softwood, deal,
raw wood, knot
Substance Holonyms:
lumber, timber, beam, chopping block, spindle
Substance Meronyms:
2. the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area (Freq. 10)
forest, woods
Derivationally related forms:
woodsy (for: woods), forest (for: forest)
vegetation, flora, botany
bosk, grove, jungle, rain forest, rainforest,
old growth, virgin forest, second growth
Member Meronyms:
underbrush, undergrowth, underwood, tree
3. any wind instrument other than the brass instruments
woodwind, woodwind instrument
wind instrument, wind
beating-reed instrument, reed instrument, reed, flute, transverse flute
Part Meronyms:
finger hole, thumbhole
4. a golf club with a long shaft used to hit long shots;
originally made with a wooden head
- metal woods are now standard
golf club, golf-club, club
brassie, driver, number one wood, metal wood, spoon

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