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man of the cloth

a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church
clergyman, reverend
layman (for: clergyman)
spiritual leader
acolyte, anagnost, archdeacon, chaplain, cleric,
churchman, divine, ecclesiastic, curate, minister of religion, minister,
parson, pastor, rector, deacon, dominus, dominie,
domine, dominee, doorkeeper, ostiary, ostiarius, lector,
reader, officiant, ordinand, ordinary, postulator, preacher,
preacher, sermonizer, sermoniser, priest, shepherd,
subdeacon, vicar
Instance Hyponyms:
Beecher, Henry Ward Beecher, Donne, John Donne, Keble,
John Keble, King, Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King Jr., Wesley, John Wesley,
Charles Wesley, Williams, Roger Williams
Member Holonyms:

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