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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)

to bother; to worry; to attend to

to be uneasy/anxious/nervous/worried about something; to worry; to be like a cat on hot bricks
Điều gì làm anh lo nhất?
What worries you most?; what most worries you?
Đừng lo, tôi chỉ giả bộ thôi mà!
Don't worry, I am only pretending!
Nghe thi cử anh có lo không?
Are you nervous about the exams?
to take care of...; to look after...; to see to something; to take charge of...
Một mình em lo nhà cửa không xuể đâu, hãy kiếm người phụ cho
You can't look after the house on your own, get some help/get someone to help
Chỉ lo cho cá nhân mình thôi
To look after number one
xem lo lót

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