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Từ điển Việt Anh (Vietnamese English Dictionary)

Bag, case
cặp học sinh a school bag
cặp da a leather briefcase
cắp cặp đi học to go to school, one's bag under one's arms
Pair, couple
cặp vợ chồng a couple
cặp mắt a pair of eyes
Tongs, pin
dùng cặp gắp than to pick up coal with tongs

briefcase; portfolio
Cặp học sinh
School bag
Cặp da
Leather briefcase
Cắp cặp đi học
To go to school, one's bag under one's arms
pair; couple
Ai cũng đi có cặp có đôi
Everyone came in couples
Cặp mắt
A pair of eyes
Dùng cặp gắp than
To pick up coal with tongs
to peg; to clip; to pin
Cặp quần áo phơi trên dây cho khỏi rơi
To clip clothes on the line with clothes pegs to keep them from falling
Cặp lại tóc
To adjust one's hairpins
to take (patient's) temperature by clapping a thermometer into his armpit
Cặp cặp sốt cho người ốm
To take a patient's temperature with a thermometer

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