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other parts of the body BODY
- one of the hard parts inside the body of a person or an animal: bone
- all the bones in your body form your skeleton
- a part of the body where two bones fit together: joint
- the joint in the middle of your arm: elbow
- the joint in the middle of your leg: knee
- the line of bones down your back: backbone, spine; adjective: spinal
spinal injuries
- one of the small bones of the spine: vertebra (plural vertebrae)
He fell off a ladder and damaged several vertebrae in the lower part of his spine.
- if your body (or part of it) is thin and the shape of the bones can be clearly seen, it is bony
bony fingers
※—† broken bones
- if sb does sth which causes a bone to separate into two or more pieces, they break* sth, (more formal) fracture sth
He fell and broke his leg. She fractured her ankle in a skating accident.
- a bone or part of the body that is injured in this way is broken, fractured
- if sb does sth which causes a bone to come out of its proper position, they dislocate sth; adjective: dislocated
He dislocated his wrist. a dislocated arm
- the white substance that becomes hard when it is dry and is put on in hospital to help broken bones to get better: plaster (noun U)
She has her leg in plaster.
- a piece of wood or metal that is used to keep a broken bone in the right position: splint
- a piece of cloth that you use to support a broken arm: sling
He had his arm in a sling.
- when a broken bone gets better, it mends
The broken bone in my foot had still not mended.

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