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see also ORDER, LAW
- to do what sb tells you to do: obey (sb/sth), do* as you are told; noun (U): obedience; adjective: obedient
to obey an order For once she did as she was told. Our headmaster insisted on absolute obedience. an obedient child
- to obey a law or a rule: observe sth, (formal) comply (with sth); if you obey the law, you are law-abiding
a careless driver who doesn't observe the speed limit All office buildings must comply with fire and safety regulations. a very law-abiding person
※—† not obeying
- to refuse to do what you are told to do: disobey (sb/sth); noun (U): disobedience; adjective: disobedient
to disobey an order an act of disobedience a disobedient child
- to openly refuse to obey sb that you should obey: defy sb/sth; noun (U): defiance; adjective: defiant (adverb defiantly)
Rita defied her parents and stayed out until two o'clock in the morning. They continued to smoke in defiance of the regulations. He turned the music up in an act of defiance.
- to fight against a law, the government, authority, etc: rebel (against sb/sth); noun (U/C): rebellion
Children sometimes rebel against their parents. an act of rebellion
- refusing to accept or obey authority: rebellious
rebellious children
- refusal to obey certain laws in order to protest about sth: civil disobedience (noun U)
a campaign of civil disobedience

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