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1 having
2 getting, keeping, losing
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1 having
- to have sth as your property: have (got) sth, (more formal) possess sth; noun (U): possession
We lost everything in the war. When it ended, we had nothing. Has she got a flat? She's quite well off and possesses some beautiful things. The farm is no longer in my possession.
- if sth is legally your property, you own it, it belongs to you, it is yours, it is your own; noun (U): ownership
'Do you own your house?' 'No, it's rented.' I can't lend it to you; it doesn't belong to me. Who does this coat belong to? At last - a room of my own! The ownership of the land is in dispute.
- the person who owns sth: owner
Are you the owner of this vehicle? a landowner a car-owner
- a person who owns a hotel, newspaper, business, etc: (formal) proprietor; a woman who is a proprietor can also be called a proprietress
- if sth belongs to a particular person or group, it is private, privately owned
a private house private property
- if sth belongs to a particular person or is for their use only, it is personal
This car is for your personal use.
- if sth is for everyone to use and does not belong to a particular person, it is public
a public library a public telephone
- an industry, business or company that is owned by the nation is publicly owned; the state of being publicly owned: public ownership (noun U)
- if you own sth and do not like to share it with anybody else, you are mean, possessive
Don't be so mean - let him have it if you don't need it! Tony is really possessive about his car - he never lets anyone else drive it.
※—† the things that you own
- what you own: possessions (noun plural), belongings (noun plural), property (noun U)
He has few personal possessions. I've left all my belongings back at the hotel. The police found stolen property in the warehouse.
- things that you own or have with you: (informal) your stuff (noun U), your things (noun plural)
Can I put my stuff over here? We'll just leave our things in the car.
- the small things that you own that are worth a lot of money: valuables (noun plural)
Please put your valuables in the hotel safe.

2 getting, keeping, losing
- to become the owner or user of sth: get* sth, (more formal) obtain sth, (formal) acquire sth
I've just got myself a new computer. This book can be obtained in paperback. The zoo has just acquired a female panda.
- the act of acquiring sth: acquisition (noun U); something that you have acquired: acquisition
My wife collects china and is very pleased with her latest acquisition.
※ more on getting GET/OBTAIN
- to continue to have sth: keep* sth, (informal) hold* onto sth, (informal) hang* onto sth
How long can I keep your book? I'm going to hold on to this stamp - it might be worth a lot of money some day.
- to no longer have or own sth: lose* sth; noun (C/U): loss
Many people lost their homes in the earthquake. My business has failed. I've lost everything. serious losses during the war They announced 200 job losses.
- to cause sb to lose sth: cost* sb sth
His rudeness to the customer cost him his job.
※ more on keeping and losing things KEEP, LOSE 2
- to ask for sth because you think you should have it or that it belongs to you: claim sth
If nobody claims the wallet after one month you can keep it.
- if sb has sth that you own and then they give it to you, they give* it back, hand it back, return it to you
The police handed me back my wallet.
- to be given sth back: get* sth back
I lost my keys but fortunately soon got them back.
※—† MORE ...
- things of value that a person or company owns: assets (noun plural)
The company is having to sell its assets in order to survive.
- all the money and property that a person owns when they die: estate (noun U)
His estate was valued at more than a million pounds.

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