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il·lus·trate AW [illustrate illustrates illustrated illustrating] BrE [ˈɪləstreɪt] NAmE [ˈɪləstreɪt] verb
1. usually passive to use pictures, photographs, diagrams, etc. in a book, etc
~ sth an illustrated textbook
~ sth with sth His lecture was illustrated with photos taken during the expedition.
2. to make the meaning of sth clearer by using examples, pictures, etc
~ sth To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story.
Last year's sales figures are illustrated in Figure 2.
~ how, what, etc… Here's an example to illustrate what I mean.
3. ~ sth | ~ how, what, etc… | ~ that… to show that sth is true or that a situation exists
Syn: demonstrate
The incident illustrates the need for better security measures.
Verb forms:

Word Origin:
early 16th cent. (in the sense ‘illuminate, shed light on’): from Latin illustrat- ‘lit up’, from the verb illustrare, from in- ‘upon’ + lustrare ‘illuminate’.

illustrate verb T
Two examples serve to illustrate my point.
explain • • demonstrate • • clarify • • define • |formal expound
illustrate/explain/demonstrate/clarify how/what/why…
illustrate/explain/demonstrate/clarify/expound an idea
illustrate/explain/demonstrate/clarify/define the position/role/nature/meaning of sth

Language Bank:
Referring to a chart, graph or table
This bar chart illustrates how many journeys people made on public transport over a three-month period.
This table compares bus, train, and taxi use between April and June.
The results are shown in the chart below.
In this pie chart, the survey results are broken down by age.
This pie chart breaks down the survey results by age.
As can be seen from these results, younger people use buses more than older people.
According to these figures, bus travel accounts for 60% of public transport use.
From the data in the above graph, it is apparent that buses are the most widely used form of public transport.
Language Banks at ↑evidence, ↑fall, ↑increase, ↑proportion, ↑surprising

Language Bank:
Describing a process
This diagram illustrates the process of paper-making. / This diagram shows how paper is made.
First / First of all , logs are delivered to a paper mill, where the bark is removed and the wood is cut into small chips.
Next / Second , the wood chips are pulped, either using chemicals or in a pulping machine.
Pulping breaks down the internal structure of the wood and enables / allows the natural oils to be removed.
Once / After the wood has been pulped, the pulp is bleached in order to remove impurities. /…is bleached so that impurities can be removed.
The next stage is to feed the pulp into the paper machine, where it is mixed with water and then poured onto a wire conveyor belt.
As the pulp travels along the conveyor belt, the water drains away. This causes the solid material to sink to the bottom, forming a layer of paper.
At this point the new paper is still wet, so it is passed between large heated rollers, which press out the remaining water and simultaneously dry the paper. / …dry the paper at the same time .
The final stage is to wind the paper onto large rolls. / Finally , the paper is wound onto large rolls.
notes at ↑firstly, ↑lastly
Language Banks at ↑conclusion, ↑first

Example Bank:
He is showing these silent films to help illustrate his story of survival.
His question merely illustrates his ignorance of the subject.
Most items are illustrated by a photograph.
The case tragically illustrates the dangers of fireworks.
The dire consequences of chronic underfunding are nowhere better illustrated than in the nation's schools.
The new edition is heavily illustrated with photographs of aircraft.
This consequence can be illustrated by a simple example.
Two examples serve to illustrate this point.
Two more examples will suffice to illustrate this point.
What she attempts to illustrate is the difference between her company and her competitors.
a collection of photographically illustrated magazines
a way of illustrating to the chairman the folly of his decision
His lecture was illustrated with photos taken during the expedition.
Last year's sales figures are illustrated in Figure 2.
To illustrate my point, let me tell you a little story.
a beautifully illustrated book

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