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protective covering

1. a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
- they had no protection from the fallout
- wax provided protection for the floors
protective cover, protection
Derivationally related forms:
protect (for: protection)
armor, armour, bell jar, bell glass, binder,
ring-binder, binding, book binding, cover, back, blind,
screen, bracer, armguard, cap, cloche, coaster,
cold frame, crystal, watch crystal, watch glass, dust cover, faceplate,
facing, cladding, fallboard, fall-board, finger plate, escutcheon,
scutcheon, heat shield, hood, bonnet, cowl, cowling,
housing, lining, liner, mask, mulch, roof,
shade, sheath, sheathing, overlay, overlayer, shelter,
shield, splashboard, splasher, dashboard, testudo, thumbstall,
toecap, washboard
2. the tough natural covering of some organisms
body covering
armor, armour, scute, sclerite, clypeus

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