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see also POOR
- having a lot of money or property; not poor: rich, wealthy; nouns (U): wealth
a rich man/family/country She has a lot of wealthy friends. I intend to enjoy my new-found wealth!
- people, companies or countries that are rich and successful are prosperous; (noun U): prosperity
Japan has enjoyed a long period of prosperity and economic stability.
- a person who is rich can be called well-off, (informal) loaded, (informal) rolling in it, (informal) rolling in money
Let Hugh pay; he's loaded. Her parents are rolling in money.
- a very rich person or a person who has a million pounds (dollars, etc) or more: millionaire, multi-millionaire, billionaire
- the group of people with a lot of money or property: the rich (with plural verb)
※ different groups in society SOCIETY
※—† the life of rich people
- wealth, comfort and pleasure: luxury (noun U); adjective: luxurious
a life of luxury living in luxury a luxury hotel a luxurious existence
- something that is enjoyable and expensive and that you do not really need: luxury
caviar, champagne and other luxuries
- to have plenty of money and live very comfortably: live well
He's retired from horse-racing and is living very well in Majorca.
- (used about hotels, aeroplanes, etc) providing the most expensive type of service: first class (adjective, adverb)
a first class hotel I always travel first class.
- smart and expensive: plush
a plush hotel
- fashionable and expensive: posh
a posh car
※—† becoming rich
- to become successful and rich: get* rich, do* well (for yourself)
He's done very well for himself in the catering business.
- to get money, property, etc from sb who has died: inherit sth; something that you inherit: inheritance
When my aunt died, I inherited her jewellery.
※—† MORE ...
- a rich and powerful person who is successful in business: (informal) (business) tycoon
- a rich man who spends his time enjoying himself and spending money: playboy
- the group of rich, successful and fashionable people who travel around the world a lot: the jet set

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