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duty S2 W1 /ˈdjuːti $ ˈduː-/ noun (plural duties)
[date : 1200-1300; Language : Anglo-French; Origin : dueté, from Old French deu; ⇨ due1]
1. SOMETHING YOU MUST DO [UNCOUNTABLE AND COUNTABLE]something that you have to do because it is morally or legally right SYN obligation:
  ▪ I promise I will do my duty.
  ▪ We feel it is our duty to help her.
  ▪ Local authorities have a duty to keep the streets clean.
  ▪ You have a duty to your husband and to your children.
  ▪ She has a strong sense of moral duty.
  ▪ The unions have failed in their duty to female workers.
  ▪ In the traditional Hindu family, the son is duty-bound to look after his mother.

2. WORK [COUNTABLE USUALLY PLURAL, UNCOUNTABLE]something you have to do as part of your job
  ▪ Martin’s duties included cleaning the cars.
  ▪ She works for her father doing part-time secretarial duties.
  ▪ He will soon be fit enough to carry out his duties (=do his job).
  ▪ He can only do light duties.
  ▪ When Juliet reported for duty (=arrived and said she was ready to start work) she was sent to check on a new patient.
  ▪ A teacher may be fired for neglect of duty (=failing to do their job properly).
  ▪ He did three tours of duty in Vietnam (=three periods working in a foreign country as a soldier, government officer etc).

3. be on/off duty
to be working or not working at a particular time, especially when you are doing a job which people take turns to do, so that someone is always doing it:
  ▪ He’s on night duty.
  ▪ Mary goes on duty (=starts working) tonight at half past ten.
  ▪ What time do you go off duty (=finish work)?

4. TAX [UNCOUNTABLE AND COUNTABLE]a tax you pay on something you buy
duty on
  ▪ the duty on cigarettes
customs duty (=tax paid on goods coming into the country) ⇨ death duties, stamp duty

5. do duty as something
to be used as something SYN serve as something:
  ▪ The living room also does duty as a home office.
⇨ double duty, heavy-duty, ⇨ jury duty at jury service, ⇨ on active duty at active service
• • •
COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 1)
have a duty to do something
  ▪ Parents have a duty to make sure that their children receive an education.
do your duty
  ▪ I felt I had done my duty by voting.
fulfil your duty British English, fulfill your duty American English formal (=do what is needed)
  ▪ The school has failed to fulfil its legal duty towards students.
have/owe a duty to somebody
  ▪ A tenant owes a duty to the landlord to keep the house in reasonable condition.
fail in your duty (=not do something that you should do)
  ▪ I would be failing in my duty if I didn't warn you of the dangers.
a moral duty
  ▪ She felt it was her moral duty to treat everyone equally.
a legal duty
  ▪ Employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their workforce.
a statutory duty (=required by law)
  ▪ Local authorities have a statutory duty to ensure that parks are clean.
a public duty (=relating to the people of a country)
  ▪ The media has a public duty to report the truth.
a civic duty (=done because you live in a place)
  ▪ It is your civic duty to vote.
a sense of duty
  ▪ He was caring for his parents out of a sense of duty rather than love.
be duty-bound to do something formal (=have a duty to do something)
  ▪ Soldiers are here to do a job and are duty-bound to complete it.
• • •
COLLOCATIONS (for Meaning 2)
carry out your duties (also perform/discharge your duties formal) (=do your job)
  ▪ She has always carried out her duties efficiently.
take up your duties (=start doing a new job)
  ▪ Neale has agreed a three-year contract and takes up his duties on March 1.
resume your duties (=start doing your job again)
  ▪ She hopes to be well enough to resume her duties next week.
report for duty (=arrive and be ready to start work)
  ▪ You must report for duty at 8:30 tomorrow morning.
neglect/shirk your duties (=not do your job properly)
  ▪ No soldier can be allowed to neglect his duties.
official duties
  ▪ The new President will take up his official duties next month.
presidential/royal/ministerial etc duties (=duties that go with being a president, member of a royal family, a minister etc)
  ▪ The prince is now old enough to carry out royal duties.
household/domestic duties (=jobs you have to do around the house)
  ▪ My husband and I share most of the household duties.
light duties (=not involving hard physical work)
  ▪ He'd been wounded, sent home and put on light duties.
guard duty (=job of guarding a place)
  ▪ There were two soldiers on guard duty outside the embassy.
neglect of duty (=failing to do your job properly)
  ▪ Six police officers were fired for neglect of duty.
a tour of duty (=period of working in another country as a soldier, government officer etc)
  ▪ He became a General, and his tours of duty included Korea and Vietnam.
beyond the call of duty (=more than you have to do as part of your job)
  ▪ She's a doctor who has gone beyond the call of duty in her care for her patients.
in the course of duty (=while doing your job, especially for your country)
  ▪ Stewart received a medal for outstanding bravery in the course of duty.
• • •
tax money that you must pay to the government, especially from the money you earn, or as an additional payment when you buy something :
  ▪ How much income tax do you pay each month?
  ▪ The Republicans promised to reduce taxes before the last election.
  ▪ Consumers are angry that the tax on petrol has gone up yet again.
duty a tax you pay on something you buy :
  ▪ The budget also sharply raised the duty on alcohol and tobacco.
  ▪ customs duty (=tax you pay on goods you buy and bring into the country)
tariff a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of a country, especially to protect a country’s industry from cheap goods from other countries :
  ▪ the import tariffs on hi-tech equipment
  ▪ The government’s tariff and trade policies came under fierce attack.
levy an extra amount of money that you have to pay the government, usually as a tax, often in order to encourage people not to use or do something :
  ▪ A new levy on fuel inefficient vehicles has been proposed.
surcharge an amount of money that you have to pay in addition to the agreed or stated price of something :
  ▪ British Airways will increase its fuel surcharge on all airline tickets from June 3.
  ▪ When you get cash at some machines, you have to pay an ATM surcharge.

a moral duty/obligation (=something you must do for moral reasons)
If you have a pet, you have a moral obligation to take care of it.
a sense of responsibility/duty (=a feeling that you must do something because it is right)
Parents try to give their children a sense of responsibility.
administrative staff/duties/job etc
the administrative costs of health care systems
an administrative assistant
staff who provide technical and administrative support to the college
be duty bound/honour bound to do sth
A son is duty bound to look after his mother.
carry out your duties/responsibilities
She carried out her duties very efficiently.
carry out your duties/responsibilities
She carried out her duties very efficiently.
civic duty
It is your civic duty to vote in the local elections.
death duties
devotion to duty
the soldier’s courage and devotion to duty
discharge your duties/responsibilities/obligations etc
The trustees failed to discharge their duties properly.
double duty
The sofa does double duty as a guest bed.
excise duty/tax (=the money paid as excise)
excise duty on tobacco
The government are failing in their duty to protect people.
fulfil a role/duty/function etc
A good police officer is not fulfilling his role if he neglects this vital aspect.
fulfilment of a promise/duty/condition etc
People are wondering if they will ever see the fulfillment of the government’s campaign pledges.
import taxes/duties/tariffs
The US imposed huge import duties on products from Europe.
night duty
She is on night duty at the hospital.
on picket duty
He’s on picket duty tonight.
perform a task/job/duty etc
What skills do you need to perform this task?
report for duty (=arrive and be ready for work)
All soldiers were required to report for duty on Friday.
sb's official duties (=the things someone does as part of their job or position)
the royal family's official duties.
shirk your responsibilities/duties/obligations
parents who shirk their responsibilities towards their children
stamp duty
take up a post/a position/duties etc
The headteacher takes her duties up in August.
tour of duty
undertake duties (=do things as part of your job)
I’m rarely asked to undertake teaching duties these days.
Scores of existing officers will be released for active duty by the creation of a police civil service.
About 10 were interviewed, and nine remain on active duty.
On Capitol Hill the number of policemen on active duty was doubled.
He is the first commander-in-chief without active duty military experience since Franklin D.. Roosevelt.
During its time in Oxfordshire it's seen active duty most recently in the Gulf War.
He was an active-duty Marine for 21 years and was in the Reserves for 11 years.
Lawyers said a general on active duty, Herna n Rami rez, was also indicted.
They retired from active duty early in 1942.
The Council also had powers as a criminal court in matters arising out of its administrative duties.
Mead was bumped off major cases and firm committees, then given only administrative duties, the lawsuit alleges.
By contrast a municipal corporation was a public governmental authority with administrative duties owed to all the inhabitants of its area.
Precontest administrative duties were shared by several county superintendents in pre tion for the state spelling bee.
She performed her share of administrative duties efficiently.
The Department of Public Instruction provided a guideline of administrative duties, advice and judges for the state meet.
This must be seen as a specialist task, on a par with other administrative duties and research commitments.
Other clerical and administrative duties as required by the Acquisitions Librarian and the Chief Librarian.
Well, that's my civic duty done.
You have to work, perform your civic duty.
If banks choose not to be tempted in this way then an appeal to their civic duty is misplaced.
And the couple are now taking an early-break break from their civic duties to patch up their differences.
Secondly, control through the imposition of this fiduciary duty operates in an asymmetrical fashion.
The suit against Western accused the firm of negligence and breach of fiduciary duty at the thrift.
This they had failed to do, and, as a result, damages were awarded for breach of fiduciary duty.
Pension funds have a fiduciary duty to their clients, not to the rest of the market.
It was in the nineteenth century that fiduciary duties were extended to company directors.
The extent to which fiduciary duties are modified will depend on what precisely is disclosed and to what the beneficiary has consented.
They would also risk breach of their fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of the company rather than in their own.
Today, the better view would appear to be that directors owe shareholders fiduciary duties in special circumstances.
Note that there is a general duty to provide family centres for all children and not just children in need.
The historical origins of the rule that there is no general duty to provide reasons are obscure.
This was in my earlier days when carrying out general duties ashore.
As in other situations, the general duty not to act arbitrarily or capriciously will apply.
In the case of exchanges it usually translates into a general contractual duty to act fairly.
On the one hand, it reinforces the argument that officials should have a general duty to provide reasons for decisions.
This is a general duty to make sure that there are sufficient day care facilities available within the area.
And the unit's highly-trained staff were on general duties in the hospital.
Perhaps the most impressive beast of all, is the Current Trends Lion with a heavy duty bicycle chain for its mane.
Cut four sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil into 8-inch squares.
Soon came the freezer bag, the heavy duty bag, the sandwich bag and the Hefty Bag.
These benefits have been realised despite heavy excise duty discrimination against spirits in favour of beers and wines, both at home and abroad.
They were all into loon pants or being heavy duty skinheads.
Many won't, but some have heavy duty machine.
The heavy duty generators, ex-Army mobile field units, roared into life when Lawton cranked the handle.
Appointed, in theory, by shareholders, they have a legal duty to report managers' wrongdoings.
To be more free of legal duties, he concentrated on his skills as a tailor.
As Chapter 3 will discuss, the legal duties imposed on management are directed towards shareholder benefit.
The school board has the same legal duty to bargain in good faith as the union does.
A legal duty should in civil law be the counterpart of a legal right.
Carmen claimed he and his group owed no legal duty to Roy Peck-that was their defense, in part.
This paper is devoted primarily to harmonization of legal rights and duties arising under international transactions.
Citizens thus had a legal duty to reveal felonies known to them.
The duty to compensate the defamed person is itself a moral duty.
Though not under a legal liability to maintain his illegitimate child, the father is under a moral duty to do so.
One person might consider it his moral duty to fight and another to desist from fighting.
No violation of moral duty is involved.
And the same may be said of most other merely moral duties.
It manipulates the environment, and it is able to enforce moral duties on those who are inclined to disregard them.
In their view serving the state was the highest moral duty and no state had external obligations.
My first official duty was to help launch the Water 4 Life campaign.
Most of his official duties had entailed preparations for the annual fish fry.
Moreover, 87% think that the Royals should be protected from photographers when not on official duty.
The privileges are supposed to cover mail sent as part of official duties.
What characterises bureaucracy is the rational and systematic way in which official duties are defined and distributed.
Thus school officials are protected for good-faith actions taken to fulfill their official duties.
It was Potrovsky's first day of official duty.
Most senators complain that their perpetual race for money distracts them from official duties.
He continued to serve in this role, in addition to his other duties, until he retired in 1959.
Ory and his deputy, Gen. Gustave Houphouët Koassi, were assigned to other unspecified duties.
The tasks of a sales representative, except in the routine order-taking role, include other duties than making sales.
Once this began all other farm duties would take second place.
It does not extend to the delivery of goods or the performance of work or any other duty.
To undertake other such relevant duties as the Director may determine.
The guardian must continue to perform his other duties but can not give instructions to the child's solicitor.
And the same may be said of most other merely moral duties.
They said it was their public duty to help.
Reporters and producers have a public duty to speak out if their vision of truth is suppressed by government appointees.
Fees become more important than public duty or public contribution.
If daily life was difficult, public duties were a nightmare.
This public duty must not be influenced by private and personal interests.
Normally, a body is subject to judicial review if it is the creation of statute and performs public law duties.
But the public interest duty is singularly missing.
Love is public duty or a political donation and the compensation is a pension or maybe an embassy.
Because that would be contrary to our statutory duty.
Brian would have an action for breach of statutory duty against Alan.
The action for breach of statutory duty is advantageous to the plaintiff when the statutory duty is strict or absolute.
However, statutory duties have a limited sphere of operation.
The plaintiff claimed for breach of statutory duty.
They took over the statutory duties and provisions of the old mental health departments.
Introduction Not all breaches of statutory duty will give rise to an action for damages by a person injured as a result.
A person who is subject to a statutory duty can not discharge that duty by entrusting responsibility for its performance to some one else.
After this date, and until 18 March 1986, a form of death duty called capital transfer tax applied.
The current form of death duty is called inheritance tax.
A tax on inherited estates began in 1894, though death duties can be traced back much further.
The modern form of death duties is the inheritance tax.
Some members of the ruling class have transferred property to relatives and friends to avoid death duties.
By 1900 about half of government revenue was raised from income tax and from death duties.
The new Earl also inherited a 2.25 million bill for death duties as well as 80,000 a year running costs.
In addition, most information comes from official statistics, especially from the Inland Revenue, deriving from tax returns and death duties.
Excise duty revenue from alcoholic drinks is much less buoyant than total excise duty.
These prices excluded additional excise duties.
The 0.8 p.c. rise in the index between the two months was largely due to changes in excise duty in the Budget.
Mr Major resisted the temptation to leave some excise duties unchanged in order to hold down the inflation rate.
For all Member States the excise duty for spirits is above that for both wines and beers.
Lorry owners will get an immediate rebate on vehicle excise duty worth £265m this year.
The final blow for many firms was the government's abolition of import duties which resulted in a flood of cheap imports.
At the time, the country hiked import duties, imposed exchange-rate controls and nationalized the banks.
Business is also booming in the Far East, though Hong Kong suffered from higher costs and increased import duties.
In addition, import duties were levied on wines.
Other import duties fell on sugar, tobacco, timber, silk, iron bars and, in some years, grain.
Part of the reason for this recovery has been the reduction of import duties on foreign paper.
But a family planning a wedding reception would be able to claim exemption from import duty.
One girl who turned up for night duty wearing plimsolls received a proper rocket.
After my first spell of night duty I collapsed into bed and slept for nineteen hours.
Henry Bergson, an experienced field officer, was assigned to be 3d Brigade night duty officer.
No night duty was included in the study.
In practice, the student will necessarily miss some continuity because of days off and night duty.
On night duty, there's always plenty of deep doorways.
Men were sometimes on the beat twenty-one out of twenty-four hours during the transition between day and night duty.
The duty officer at the Cabinet Office Briefing Room was at the centre of a web of information technology.
Henry Bergson, an experienced field officer, was assigned to be 3d Brigade night duty officer.
Many referrals will be dealt with by the duty officer and never allocated to a social worker.
My job as duty officer involves keeping Teesside Airport running smoothly at all times.
Looking around I could see the duty Officer approaching from the direction of the farm.
Some retired generals have voiced doubts, as have active-duty officers.
The duty officer promised to get in touch but nothing happened for two days.
They were later released after their commanders promised there would be no further incidents, said duty officer Paulino Cardoso.
Mr Surkov would get the chance of seeing the duty solicitor.
There will also be no court duty solicitor today and throughout the week.
The scramble to redistribute existing resources and clients provides the conditions for the development of schemes such as the duty solicitor.
Best to let Mr Surkov see the duty solicitor on legal aid.
The position is different in so far as it affects the duty solicitor scheme.
Given that these defendants are unlikely to know the names of solicitors the responsibility for acting quickly settles on the duty solicitor.
It also took over all aspects of the duty solicitor scheme.
At least before the duty solicitor people were directed to lawyers who had qualifications in advocacy.
No stamp duty should be payable because of these reliefs but the Regulations do not provide for a hybrid certificate.
This means that stamp duty is assessed by reference to the highest ascertainable rent which might become payable under the lease.
This will reduce Newco's stamp duty bill.
Had the limit not been stated, the rent would have been unascertainable, and the stamp duty would have been £2.
Whichever buy-in regime applies, stamp duty is payable by Target at one-half percent on the return of the cancelled shares.
Therefore the stamp duty on a house worth £70,000 is £700.
Much of the cost goes to the Government in stamp duties and Land Registry fees.
A multiple transfer of assets may be time consuming if consents are required and may give rise to unnecessary stamp duty.
Valenzuela himself was promoted from guard duty to acting as a back-up in kidnapping operations.
They would also risk breach of their fiduciary duties to act in the best interests of the company rather than in their own.
Yet it is normally said that it is a breach of an agent's duty to act for competing principals.
In performing this duty the directors usually act on the advice of the issuing house and the lawyers acting.
In the case of exchanges it usually translates into a general contractual duty to act fairly.
This means that directors are under a duty to act in the best interests of the shareholders.
Although they were under a duty to act fairly, they had not broken this duty.
Following this there was some suggestion that in administrative decisions there was a lower duty to act fairly.
The man he left in charge did not carry out the duties expected of him.
Finding that the superintendent was carrying out an official duty when making these comments, the court dismissed the suit against him.
This was in my earlier days when carrying out general duties ashore.
All that Anselm demanded was that the essential basis for carrying out his duties as archbishop should remain inviolate.
The member States of the Commission could not carry out the duties entrusted to the Commission.
The trouble was that although he carried out his duties perfectly adequately, such employment was neither satisfying nor lasting.
And they agreed to forget their differ ences and carry out their duties as planned.
I have rarely met two Ministers who take more trouble to carry out the duties of their ministerial office.
With technical work, the appointment of a competent contractor may be sufficient to discharge the duty.
He has been twice a Member of Congress, and in that office discharged his duty with ability and faithfulness.
First, as a warning discharging the duty of care.
New agencies and new officials were created to discharge political and economic duties formerly assigned to the sovereign courts.
In doing so they had discharged their duty of care.
The wound healed well, and the patient was discharged to duty.
But trust in the authority is trust that the authority is likely to discharge its duties properly.
Whether such a warning will discharge the duty of care will depend on the age of the entrant.
I would be failing in my duty if I allowed him such undeserved relief.
You failed to do your duty as a soldier and succeeded in overthrowing the most legitimate government the nation has ever had.
Where the unions fail in their duties to black workers they must be challenged to stand up for their rights.
Phipps also performed well, but spoiled his record by failing to report for duty on two occasions.
Greenpeace claim that the Authority is failing in its statutory duty to gather the necessary evidence to enforce the law.
The Board dismissed him for allegedly failing in his duties to teach junior doctors.
Lap Karen McCafferty, 17, was punished when she failed to memorise duty procedures.
He had certainly been failing in his duty towards Dimity.
Eighteen months on, some head teachers are complaining that inspectors are fulfilling their duties with a zeal which smacks of prejudice.
In this capacity he conscientiously fulfilled his duties for thirty-one years in a perfect apostolic spirit.
Voice over Question: Do you feel you have fulfilled your duties towards him?
It gives considerable scope to NGOs, community organisations and others to put pressure on the state to fulfil its duties.
We know that both Charles and Diana are anxious to fulfil their duties to the Crown and do so conscientiously.
By doing this, they could fulfil their special duty as intellectuals, making an important contribution to the nation.
Greater Glasgow Health Board denied liability and said that the anaesthetist had fulfilled all his duties.
Local authorities must fulfil this duty by providing a range and level of services appropriate to the need within the locality.
Section 47 imposes a duty to investigate on local authorities in certain specified circumstances.
The Transfer Regulations do not impose a duty to consult employees in general if there is no recognised trade union.
The statute may impose a duty on an employer to provide safety equipment and ensure that it is used.
Given this reality, the law imposes duties upon the doctor which exist independently of agreement.
They would have denied that the conscription law imposed a completely new duty.
In the morning they will journey together to G.Q.G. Meanwhile the night imposes its own duties.
Each of the three non-contractual areas of law imposing duties and liabilities is considered below.
However, unconsciously I must have been riddled with remorse for so neglecting my duties.
He has neglected his duties writing that damned family history and leaving Tim Skerritt to manage the estate.
As he got nearer to No. 22 he decided that Mrs Brocklebank had been neglecting her duties here as well.
Will the doctor be neglecting his duty if he respect this patient's expression of will?
Other companies are happy to invest, with the proviso that the government does not neglect its duty.
Ned would never neglect a duty, however tiresome, never put his own comfort first.
You women are neglecting your duty.
A relator owes no duty to the public to initiate any law enforcement action.
Solicitors owe a duty of confidentiality to their clients.
But to whom does he owe his duties?
The cost of remedying the defect is economic loss and neither party owes a duty of care to P2 in that respect.
Consequently they ought to owe the same duties as traditional insiders.
Today, the better view would appear to be that directors owe shareholders fiduciary duties in special circumstances.
In return his subjects owed him the duty of honouring that peace.
Directors are usually agents of the company, and owe it duties both of a fiduciary nature and of care and skill.
Brewers pay tax - excise duty - on the gravity.
Denise Adolphi offered to pay the duty.
By executing and keeping such documents outside the United Kingdom the purchaser can significantly reduce the stamp duty it must pay.
Car users pay heavy duties on petrol and must pay licence fees for running a car.
They themselves raised that question and they paid the duties.
If you go over the limit you have to pay duty on the excess when you go through customs.
The purchaser of assets will pay stamp duty at double this rate but on only part of the consideration.
On a house costing £60,100 you pay £601 in duty.
Remember that it is not only a refusal to perform your normal duties which can amount to gross misconduct.
Oh, the usual. Perform ecclesiastical duties.
Headmen were relied upon to perform police duties in the countryside.
These officials are responsible to the people for the way they perform their duties.
It is not clear whether mandamus is available in respect of any failure by a statutory authority to perform a statutory duty.
Officials in rural districts covering a large area may drive long distances to perform their regular duties.
In performing this duty the directors usually act on the advice of the issuing house and the lawyers acting.
You have to work, perform your civic duty.
A duty to provide accommodation at the inn without prior contract to any traveller seeking accommodation.
The Court of Appeal held that the accused had a duty to provide information as to the status of his patients.
Nevertheless, there are circumstances in which an employer may be under a contractual duty to provide work.
Note that there is a general duty to provide family centres for all children and not just children in need.
But only that the community as a whole has a duty to provide adequate protection in some way.
Andrew will try to do his duty By providing some continuity.
Charlie's case raises the question of the employer's personal duty of care and the duty to provide adequate equipment.
Yith Kim Seng, Minister of Health, was also relieved of his duties.
All three asked to be relieved of this duty.
Friends of the family discovered their coupons returned or were relieved of the duty of delivering them.
Of the first 126 soldiers relieved from duty in an army recruiting scandal, only three were officers.
He was relieved from duty by the end of the week.
The day was too much, and the battalion commander requested to be relieved of his duty.
In the spring of 1993, Li suffered a heart attack and was relieved of more duties.
Pilots are not permitted alcohol in the eight hours before they report for duty, or while on duty.
Red Men who failed to report for bedside duty with their stricken brother were fined a dollar for dereliction.
A queue of men were standing outside, soberly reporting for duty.
Phipps also performed well, but spoiled his record by failing to report for duty on two occasions.
You will not report for duty again until you have apologised for your insolence.
The Kanyosha administrator, who confirmed the action, said that the victims were reporting on duty.
Bill said he reports for duty July 1, and the first official shooting matches start July 20.
England expects that every man will do his duty
dereliction of duty
The officer in charge was cleared of dereliction of duty.
Agit-poppers constantly castigate pop for its dereliction of duty and its straying from being aligned.
He should have been put up against a wall and shot, if you ask me, for dereliction of duty.
Historians note that the Royal Family has survived scandals, an abdication and dereliction of duty before.
It would be a dereliction of duty to talk to students only about firms, cheques, and the price of wheat.
Many parents, irrespective of class, must also stand condemned for similar dereliction of duty.
Retirement at a time when the opposition was strong was seen by many among them as a dereliction of duty.
That is a gross dereliction of duty.
This was a disgraceful dereliction of duty.
do double duty
Choose a sofa that will do double duty as a guest bed.
in the line of duty
Officer Choi was killed in the line of duty.
Dave Weatherley strips off in the line of duty to put seven seriously warm bags to the test.
However, none of the disciplined officers was authorized to use the guns in the line of duty.
It was the fourth time in five years she had been injured in the line of duty.
Ron Brown was on a trade mission to the Balkans when he died in the line of duty.
Since then, only one officer has died in the line of duty.
They ruled that officers were expected to cope with traumatic events in the line of duty.
Vice-Admiral Hawkins, of course, is acting in the line of duty.
When one of the fiercely loyal team is gunned down in the line of duty, the unit seems ready to collapse.
relieve sb of their post/duties/command etc
shoulder the responsibility/duty/cost/burden etc
After the publicists, casting directors began to shoulder the burden.
He failed to shoulder the responsibility, which Government should shoulder, for imposing the tax in the first place.
I think everyone has got to shoulder the responsibility for defeat, not just Graham.
It does indeed make those who require nursing care through no fault of their own shoulder the cost.
Voice over Swindon is one of the eighties boom towns which has had to shoulder the burden of recession.
Why, he asked, should the taxpayer shoulder the burden of expropriation?
your bounden duty
And now I have a very pleasant duty to perform. I am going to present the prizes to the winning competitors.
clerical and secretarial duties
For the most part, there was not much to do, other than cleanup duty around the prison camp.
He recently completed a tour of duty in Seoul as assistant to the US ambassador there.
Part of a park ranger's official duties is to ensure public safety.
Teachers have a duty to ensure that students are not injured whilst they are in their care.
The customs duty on luxury cars went up last month.
You have to pay a duty on the value of goods worth over $500 that you bring into the country.
Your duties will also include answering the phone and typing letters.
As he got nearer to No. 22 he decided that Mrs Brocklebank had been neglecting her duties here as well.
Conversely, those to whom citizens accord deference have been characterized by having an in-bred sense of duty.
He became a navy pilot, fought his way back on duty.
However, unconsciously I must have been riddled with remorse for so neglecting my duties.
Most of them mix their part time police duties with a full day's work.
She didn't want to be the one to do that although she knew it was her duty.
So David had been on duty this morning, had he?
This proves expensive for the police, who receive no subsidy from soccer sources for officers on duty outside the stadium.

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