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1 saying how hot sth is
2 when your body is hot
2 keeping warm when the weather is cold
hot weather
making food hot; cooking COOK
see also COLD

1 saying how hot sth is
- not cold, having a high temperature: hot; noun (U): heat
a hot day the heat of the sun extreme/fierce/scorching heat
- to get hotter: heat up; to make sth get hotter: heat sth (up)
Wait for the oven to heat up before you put the cake in. This huge house is impossible to heat.
- a little hot: warm; noun (U): warmth
warm clothes Are you warm enough? the warmth of the sun
- to get warmer: warm up; to make sb/sth get warmer: warm sb/sth (up)
We jumped up and down to try and warm up. Come and warm yourself by the fire.
- a little warm: lukewarm
lukewarm water
- (used about liquids) only slightly warm: tepid
- very hot: (informal) boiling, (informal) boiling hot
Can I have a drink? I'm absolutely boiling. a boiling hot day
- so hot that you cannot touch it: red-hot
- (used about a very hot liquid) to burn sb/sth: scald sb/sth; very hot liquid is scalding, scalding hot
※ more on hot liquids LIQUID, WATER
※—† measuring temperature
- the measurement of how hot or cold sth is: temperature
The temperature in Cairo was over 40※°C. a high/low/average temperature
- an instrument for measuring temperature: thermometer
- the unit that we use for measuring temperature: degree
- two systems of measuring temperature: Celsius (sometimes called Centigrade) (C) and Fahrenheit (F)
- when sth gets hotter, its temperature rises*; when it gets cooler, its temperature falls*

2 when your body is hot
- the salty water which comes from your skin when you are hot: sweat (noun U); verb: sweat; covered with sweat: sweaty
I felt really hot and sweaty.
※ being hot because you are ill ILLNESS

3 keeping warm when the weather is cold
- a piece of equipment that is used to heat a room: (gas/electric) fire, (gas/electric) heater
I lit the gas fire. I turned on the electric heater.
- a fire that burns inside a house to keep it warm: fire
a wood/coal fire
- a system for keeping houses warm in cold weather: (central) heating (noun U)
- a type of heater made of metal and filled with water (usually part of a central heating system): radiator
※ more on fires FIRE
- a rubber container that is filled with hot water and put inside a bed to warm it: hot-water bottle
- a special blanket heated by electricity which is used to warm a bed: electric blanket
※ clothes that keep you warm CLOTHES

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