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bloody UK US [ˈblʌd.i] adjective before noun , adverb mainly UK very informal

1. <A > used to express anger or to emphasize what you are saying in a slightly rude way
I've had a bloody awful week.
It's a bloody disgrace that some war widows don't get a decent pension.
Don't be a bloody idiot!
This computer's bloody useless! It's always going wrong.
Don't you tell me what to do! I'll do what I bloody well like in my own house.
Thesaurus+: ↑Expressions of anger
That sod Wilkins, excuse my French, has taken my bloody parking space.
You stupid bloody fool!
You trod on my bloody foot!
That car's been nothing but bloody trouble since I got it.
How did Pearson make the team - he's bloody useless.

2. <A > used to emphasize an adjective, adverb or noun in a slightly rude way
Life would be bloody boring if nothing ever went wrong.
Don't be so bloody stupid.
She's done bloody well to reach the semi-final.
You must think I'm a bloody fool.
I had a bloody good time last night.
I'm afraid there's not a bloody thing (= nothing) you can do about it.
I can't see a bloody thing (= anything) in here.
Thesaurus+: ↑Very and extreme ↑Complete and whole ↑Intensifying expressions
Those pictures you took were bloody amazing!
Where have you been - I've been waiting bloody ages!
The weather's been bloody awful.
This is bloody awful music isn't it?
Japanese is a bloody horrible language to learn.
Idiom: bloody hell
1. <A > covered with blood; bleeding
a bloody nose
Thesaurus+: ↑Disorders and diseases of the heart and blood
2. <A > extremely violent and involving a lot of blood and injuries
It was a long and bloody battle and many men were killed.
Thesaurus+: ↑Violent or aggressive ↑Unkind, cruel and unfeeling ↑Treating people or animals badly
There is a danger that America's metaphoric 'war on drugs' may turn into a bloody reality.
A bloody civil war followed the proclamation of an independent state.
He told the doctor he had been passing bloody stools.
This is the latest act of terrorism in a long-standing and bloody campaign of violence.
The songs describe the bloody battles between the clans.
Derived: bloodily
verb transitive
to make something bloody
The first punch bloodied his nose.
Thesaurus+: ↑Dirty and untidy
Derived: bloodied

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