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- beef, lamb and mutton are sometimes called red meat (noun U); chicken, turkey, pork and veal are called white meat (noun U)
People are eating less red meat than they used to.
- meat from wild animals: game (noun U)
- the greasy substance under the skins of animals: fat (noun U); meat with a lot of fat is fatty; opposite: lean
- meat which is soft and easy to cut or bite is tender; opposite: tough
※—† parts of animals used for meat
- a thick flat piece of meat (usually beef): steak (noun U/C)
We can't afford to eat steak.a piece of steaka large steak
- a small thick piece of meat, often with a bone in it: chop, cutlet
pork chopsa lamb cutlet
- a large piece of meat that you cook in the oven: joint
a joint of beef
- some types of meat from the inside parts of an animal: kidney (noun C/U), liver (noun U), tongue (noun U)
※—† meat which has been prepared for cooking and eating
- meat which has been cut into very small pieces with a special machine: mince, minced meat (noun U) (AmEground beef)
half a kilo of mince
- thin pieces of salted or smoked meat from the back or sides of a pig, usually eaten hot: bacon (noun U)
- meat from a pig's back leg that has been smoked, etc, to keep it fresh: ham (noun U)
a ham sandwich
- a mixture of chopped meat, spices, etc, made into a long thin shape: sausage (noun C/U)
pork sausagessausage and chips

2 cooking, eating and buying meat
- you can fry meat (= cook it in hot fat), grill it (= cook it under a grill), roast it (= cook it in an oven, not using water), casserole or stew it (= cut it up and cook it with vegetables and water), barbecue it (= cook it over an open fire)
grilled steakroast porkbarbecued chicken
- a dish made by stewing meat: casserolenoun C/U), stew (noun C/U)
chicken stew
- meat which is not cooked at all is raw
- minced meat that has been formed into a flat round shape and then fried or grilled: hamburger, burger
- small pieces of meat, vegetables, etc, that are cooked and served on a stick: kebab
- minced meat cooked in the shape of a ball: meatball
- a hot sausage that is eaten in a hot bread roll: hot dog
- a thin sauce that is made from the juices that come out of meat while it is cooking: gravy (noun U)
- a shop where you buy meat: butcher's (shop); a person who sells meat: butcher
※—† MORE ...
- (used about steak) not cooked for very long and still pink inside: rare; moderately cooked: medium-rare; cooked completely: well-done
'How would you like your steak, madam?' 'I'll have it medium-rare, please.'
- to cut a large piece of cooked meat into slices: carve sth
Shall I carve the joint?
- a person who does not eat meat: vegetarian; without meat: vegetarian
vegetarian food
- a person who does not eat any food which comes from animals, including milk and eggs: vegan
- an animal that only eats meat: carnivore; adjective: carnivorous


1 different kinds of meat
2 cooking, eating and buying meat
live animals
see also FOOD, COOK, BIRD 2

1 different kinds of meat
- the flesh of animals or birds that people eat: meat (noun U)
I don't eat meat but I like fish.
a cow beef
a young cow veal
an adult sheep mutton
a young sheep lamb
a pig pork
a chicken chicken
birds like chickens and turkeys poultry
a deer venison
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